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How chiropractors can help reduce tension and stress during pregnancy

How Chiropractors in Topeka, KS Can Help Reduce Tension and Stress During Pregnancy

Stress doesn't stop just because you're expecting a little bundle of joy. In fact, you may have more stress than usual trying to prepare yourself and household for a baby. Plus, pregnancy stress relief options are limited because you have to consider the safety of your unborn baby. A chiropractor at Bolz Chiropractic, serving Topeka, KS, and the surrounding area, offers natural pregnancy stress relief that's safe for both you and your baby.

Focusing on the Symptoms

You may have headaches, migraines, and muscle aches and pains when you're pregnant. Sometimes, these symptoms arise as a result of hormone changes and changes to your body in general. However, migraines and headaches, and even certain muscle pain can emerge from anxiety and stress. As a chiropractic office, our job is to focus on relieving these issues in natural ways. Most commonly, this occurs only when we address the problem and take into consideration that your body functions optimally when all of your systems function together harmoniously.

Possible Chiropractic Treatments

One of the most common treatments our chiropractor uses for pregnancy stress relief is an adjustment. This process consists of our practitioner moving the vertebrae in your back to relieve pressure on the surrounding area. This relieves pressure on the tissue and nerves while optimizing blood flow. This can reduce headaches, migraines, and soft tissue pain. Also making sure your spine doesn't irritate any of the surrounding tissue, which can be a culprit of your headaches. Our chiropractor makes sure to customize the treatment for pregnant women, so it's both safe and effective.

Another treatment our chiropractor may recommend for anxiety, stress, and symptoms related to these issues is chiropractic exercises. During this treatment, our chiropractor guides you through exercises that soothe sore muscles that can lead to extra stress. The exercises are gentle and relaxing and focus on making sure you are in motion during your pregnancy, which is important for the baby.

Contact Bolz Chiropractic, serving Topeka, KS, and the nearby area, for pregnancy stress relief using these treatments and others by calling us at 785-294-3010.


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