Sports Injury Treatment Available at Bolz Chiropractic

Millions of people, young and old alike, play sports occasionally. Sports offer a way to stay active, be engaged, and healthy. Unfortunately, they also are known for causing some major injuries; some sports being more prone to injury and we see them on a regular basis here at Bolz Chiropractic of Topeka. These are the most common injuries we see at our chiropractic clinic.


Football Injuries

  • Head injuries- Concussions are very common and are actually at the heart of many debates among health professionals these days, especially when it comes to football related injuries.
  • Shoulder injuries- Football players take a lot of hard direct hits to the upper body, especially the shoulders, and this can result in a range of injuries that can result in shoulder pain.
  • Back injuries- Impacts are part of the game, but the hits and falls can be very abrupt and powerful, which often leads to injuries to the spine.

Soccer Injuries

  • Head injuries- Soccer is a game played without using your hands, which means the head is often used to bump the ball around, and this can lead to a range of head injuries.  
  • Leg injuries- With all of the running and kicking involved in the game of soccer, knee pain is common as are injuries that result from the competitive nature of the game on the field.
  • Neck injuries- Head impacts in soccer can also result in compression and impact injuries to the neck, which are fairly common in those who play on a regular basis.

Hockey Injuries

  • Back injuries- Recognized as possibly the most violent sports games played, hockey players face many injuries to the back and spine due to the nature of the sport.
  • Leg injuries- Hockey players also face injuries to their legs, mainly the hips and knees, as a result of the sliding, collisions, and impacts that are part of the game.
  • Arm injuries- Those who play hockey on a regular basis can also experience arm injuries and strains that can cause symptoms such as elbow pain and arm weakness.

Wrestling Injuries

  • Head injuries- Wrestlers are risk takers by nature and many of the moves and holds involved in wrestling can cause trauma to the head.
  • Back injuries- High leaps, hard falls, and painful holds in wrestling can put a lot of strain on the back and can lead to back and spine injuries that range from minor to fairly severe.
  • Arm injuries- Wrestling is one of the sports where arm injuries are commonly seen with many long-term wrestlers facing injuries to their shoulders and arms.

To learn more about sports injury treatments and what services are available here at Bolz Chiropractic of Topeka, contact us today and schedule your consultation appointment with our chiropractic care team!


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