Low level laser therapy is one of the treatment options that we recommend at Bolz Chiropractic. This option is often a good fit for patients who want non-surgical options for treating pain, injuries, and other health conditions. We specifically use EVRL for our patients in Topeka, but not everyone is familiar with this form of treatment. We have gathered a few questions that our team encounters about EVRL treatment.


What Does EVRL Stand For?

EVRL stands for "Erchonia Violet and Red Laser". The name is rather straightforward Erchonia makes the handheld device that emits both red and violet light. This newer device promises convenience for both medical providers and patients.

How Does EVRL Work?

You might be surprised how powerful this device is. It is cordless and not much bigger than a smartphone. Yet, the EVRL laser is capable of applying low-level laser therapy or LLLT to the skin. Your body absorbs the red and violet light into the tissues and muscles beneath the skin to administer the treatment.

What Are The Benefits of EVRL Laser Therapy?

This device improves upon traditional cold laser therapy, which chiropractors have successfully used for years to treat patients. EVRL emits additional wavelengths of light that are provided by the red and violet lasers. EVRL will not heat your tissues or cause pain during use. There is also no recovery time involved because cold laser therapy is non-invasive. EVRL also eliminates the need for patients to worry about allergies or dependence like they might when taking prescription medication.

What Conditions Does EVRL Treat?

We have had success using EVRL to treat pain, especially in the back and shoulders. Patients who struggle with acne may also find EVRL offers better results than other treatment options. EVRL may be especially effective because of how it targets microbes and bacteria, which can contribute to acne. However, our chiropractors may recommend laser treatment for a wide variety of conditions, including sports injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, wounds, various skin conditions, plantar fasciitis, and depression. Our Chiropractors can make the best recommendations regarding your treatment with low level laser therapy.

Discover More about Laser Treatment in Topeka, KS

If you are interested in EVRL treatment or want more information, call our team at Bolz Chiropractic today at (785) 272-2090.


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