Wound Healing

Laser Treatment for Wound Healing

Many people don't realize it, but laser therapy can be used for wound healing. At Bolz Chiropractic in Topeka, KS, we offer laser therapy to treat a variety of conditions, including burns and wounds. This method of healing is safe and non-invasive. We use low-level laser therapy to treat injuries, aches and pains, acne, wounds, and more. Our laser is called the Erchonia Violet and Red Laser, or EVRL.


What Is EVRL Therapy?

Bolz Chiropractic uses EVRL therapy to treat wounds. This type of therapy is a painless, low-level laser treatment that is usually used to treat inflamed or painful body areas. Low-level laser therapy treatments are great because they assist in providing more comprehensive care for patients by effectively treating inflammation, managing pain, and treating various injuries, wounds, and burns. However, EVRL treatments have added benefits. They use red and violet lasers at wavelengths of 635nm and 405nm to focus more effectively on the problem areas in the body. The versatility of this laser allows us to treat a variety of conditions.

How Can It Heal Wounds? 

While undergoing an EVRL treatment, the laser will penetrate the skin, and the receptors absorb the light in and on the cells. This process leads to more energy production, biochemical reactions, blood flow, oxygen flow, and cell growth and proliferation. This treatment also leads to protein and growth factor synthesis.  

The red laser of the Erchonia operates at a wavelength of 635nm. This wavelength of the red laser is proven to be effective for chronic pain relief. The red laser healing properties offer a healthier and safer alternative to corrective surgery and drugs. The violet laser of the Erchonia violet laser is operational at a lower wavelength of 405nm for targeting dermatological issues. Together, these lasers can work to treat wounds on the skin, such as burns. EVRL can heal damaged scar tissue and promotes natural healing in the body to speed up recovery time. By encouraging new cells to form, the wound will heal and avoid prominent scarring.

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If you are seeking a non-invasive, natural method for wound healing, we can help. With EVRL treatments, we can help your body heal and recover in a quick, painless way. At Bolz Chiropractic in Topeka, KS, we want to help alleviate your pain and get your body feeling its best. To schedule an appointment, call us today at (785) 272-2090.


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