Joint Pain

Common Joint Pain Conditions Our Topeka Chiropractor Treats

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If you have chronic pain in your joints, you understand just how debilitating these issues are. Joints essentially are places where bones connect with one another and there are countless places in the body classified as joints, so the pain can arise just about anywhere. However, there are three very common joint conditions that our Topeka chiropractor at Bolz Chiropractic sees in patients: knee pain, hip pain, and arthritis conditions.

Joint Pain Due to Arthritis

The two most typical types of arthritis conditions we see are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by inflammation of the joints and causes stiffness in the affected parts of the body. Osteoarthritis occurs as cartilage and joints begin to degenerate, which is why it often affects people as they age. While there’s no cure for arthritis, our chiropractor in Topeka can help you discover ways to reduce inflammation and ease the chronic pain with gentle chiropractic care.

Common Conditions that Cause Knee Pain

Arthritis often causes knee pain in the joints, as do injuries and degenerative conditions that cause cartilage to break down and reductions in joint lubrication know as synovial fluid. Runner’s knee occurs when the knee cap cartilage softens. Iliotibial band syndrome results from inflammation in the tendons of the knee that subsequently rub across the outer knee bone. Caused by overuse or overtraining for sports, this condition presents itself as a burning sensation in the knee that can radiate into the thigh. Our chiropractor in Topeka also sees quite a few patients suffering from chronic pain to due ligament injuries such as ACL and PCL tears and sprains in addition to meniscus injuries.

Hip Pain Concerns

The hips are one of the hardest working parts of the body, and they serve innumerable functions. They bear weight, keep us upright and help us with every move we make. Chronic pain in the hips can be rather debilitating, and it is often sourced from an injury or inflammation associated with an arthritic condition. However, hip pain can result from other complications in the body. Our Topeka chiropractor can help identify the source of your discomfort and provide you with relief.

How a Chiropractor Can Help Relieve Joint Pain

Before discussing chiropractic care options, there are few things you can do for yourself at home to reduce joint pain and inflammation. Avoid inflammatory foods, take it easy on your aching joints and avoid both physical and emotional stress that can irritate your injury. Ice treatments can reduce swelling and help with pain and muscle spasms, as well.

Our chiropractor in Topeka can offer you spinal adjustments to realign the vertebrae in the spine to help correct hip imbalances and nerve dysfunctions that exacerbate conditions like arthritis and knee pain. We can also offer you physiotherapy techniques to reduce swelling and pain. Additionally, our team can recommend physical therapy and corrective exercises to improve strength as you heal. Our goal is to normalize joint function with specific techniques depending on your condition.

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