Auto Accident FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Accident Injury Treatment with Your Topeka Chiropractor

If you were hurt in an auto accident in Topeka, you may be wondering exactly what happened to your body and how you can put yourself back in good working order. Here are some frequently asked questions about auto accident injury treatment -- and how your Topeka chiropractor at Bolz Chiropractic can help.

  • How fast do I have to be traveling to sustain an auto accident injury? Even at just a few miles per hour, immense objects such as cars or trucks can transfer huge amounts of force to their occupants, with momentum throwing the bodies around and doing significant musculoskeletal damage.

  • What are the signs of whiplash? If you have neck pain and stiffness following an auto accident, there's a good chance you have whiplash. Other telltale signs include headaches, dizziness, pain in your arms or shoulders, tinnitus, burred vision, trouble with memory or concentration and fatigue.

  • What happens in whiplash? Whiplash occurs when momentum sends the weight of the head bouncing back into the head rest and then flying forward. This whip-like motion can dislocate the joints of the cervical vertebrae, causes cervical discs to herniate onto nearby nerve roots, stretches neck ligaments and strains muscles and tendons.

  • I was strapped in, so how did I hurt my back? Chances are that your seat belt has a three-point restraint system that holds only one of your shoulders in place. In an auto accident, the free shoulder can be thrown forward forcefully enough to twist your spinal column. This can tear muscles in your back and throw the thoracic spine out of alignment.

  • Where are these strange leg symptoms coming from? If your leg is undamaged but feels "wrong" nevertheless, you may have sciatica. An auto accident can cause lumbar discs in the lower back to herniate, pinching the sciatic nerve and producing leg pain, numbness, muscle weakness and "pins and needles."

  • If I don't have any symptoms, can I assume that I'm okay? Unfortunately, the absence of symptoms doesn't mean a clean bill of health. Shock can delay the signs of an injury for days or even longer. Always get your spine checked after an auto accident!

  • How can chiropractic adjustment relieve my symptoms? Your chiropractor in Topeka uses chiropractic adjustment can bring your spinal vertebrae back into alignment. This can help restore your range of motion while providing non-pharmaceutical pain relief.

  • What other natural injury treatment techniques do you offer? Your Topeka chiropractor offers spinal decompression to free pinched nerves, relieving sciatica and other neurological symptoms. We may also prescribe physical therapy in the form of corrective exercises to restore soft tissue function.

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