Q: Why should I come to Bolz Chiropractic?

A: We offer over 50 years of collective experience, in-tuned Doctors, friendly support staff and a listening ear to remedy your complaints WITHOUT harsh drugs or other treatment.

Q: What makes my back hurt?

A: The spine is your lifeline, providing support and structure for the rest of the body. When there are restrictions within the spine, it affects all of the surrounding tissues and the nerves that rely on the spine for support and protection. The nerves then send pain signals to your brain. Naturally, trauma can cause these events, but common offenders can range from wearing shoes that don’t provide proper support as you walk to slouching in front of a computer over an extended period of time. We can better determine the cause of your complaints through an examination and questionnaire of your lifestyle.

Q: Once I begin treatment, will I have to come back for a long period of time?

A: That’s a common misconception. Frequently injuries or complaints that arise in the body come from repeated motions and habits or trauma that have distorted the system’s natural state of alignment. Pain is actually one of our bodies’ last lines of defense. The dysfunction and resultant physiological changes that occur when there is restriction in the spine eventually cause pain. The resolution of the pain means you are one step closer to resolving the underlying cause. Some cases do require multiple adjustments in order to return to a normally functioning state. But the length of treatment can depend on the severity of the problem and the work done outside of our office to keep those old habits and motions from causing it to flare up again.

Q: What’s the difference between my MD and a chiropractor?

A: Most think that there is a huge difference in medical and chiropractic colleges in the curriculum. The classes for each are almost identical, and in reality chiropractors have more classroom hours spent on certain subjects like anatomy, while medical schools spend that time on pharmacology. Treatment is where the biggest differences come in. Medical doctors use medication to treat symptoms, while Chiropractors strive to find the underlying cause and allow the body to heal itself. DCs are hands on and utilize adjusting techniques to treat the source of problems through the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

Q: Is it safe for me to come to the Chiropractor if I’m pregnant?

A: Yes! Due to ligament laxity, shifting structures and changes in balance, expectant mothers often experience many musculoskeletal complaints during pregnancy. Not only can adjustments offer drug free relief to expectant mothers, but due to the skeletal attachments of the uterine ligaments, removing restrictions and balancing the pelvis can offer the baby more room to grow and develop. We offer many different specialized techniques to our pregnant patients, including Sacro-Occipital Technique, Webster, diversified and activator. Contact Dr. Bolz for further questions about your prenatal chiropractic care needs.

Q: When is the earliest a baby can be adjusted?

A: Birth can be a traumatic experience, frequently involving lots of pushing and pulling on a baby’s delicate spine. Frequently this can cause subluxations, especially in the upper cervical area, that can impede proper nerve conduction to the baby’s body. That restriction can cause pain when the baby turns his or her head to nurse or as he or she starts to learn to roll or crawl. Freedom of motion in a baby’s spine is very important for his or her neurological development. The best time to adjust a baby is right after birth!


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