Disc Disorders

Disc Disorders Treated By Your Topeka Chiropractor

An intervertebral disc is a little cushion of fibrous cartilage, filled with a gel center, that sits between each vertebrae, or bone of the spine. Lots of terms are thrown around on this disc, often interchangeably, as this cushion is the subject of a great deal of force and wear over a lifetime, and develops problems as a result.  Herniated, bulging and slipped discs are all disorders that develop in this cartilage mass, and the differences are easy to understand.  Normally, the walls of this disc sit nice and flat, in line with the bones.  With a bulging disc, the walls of the disc sag like a flat tire on a car, and similarly lose some of its cushioning ability.  

A slipped disc has developed the tendency, at least in part, to move back and forth.  A herniated disc has developed a tear or a rupture and may be leaking its gel center.  Any of these disorders are a functional problem as they result in reduced ability to cushion the spine as it moves.  Pain occurs when any part of the disc, whether ruptured or not, presses on the spinal column, or one of the nerve roots that pass through the spinal column out to the rest of the body.

disc disorders treated by our topeka chiropractor

Lumbar disc disorders tend to cause sharp pain, that isn't necessarily located right in the spinal column but instead, include the lower back and buttocks or even further down the legs.  The pain can happen suddenly, or gradually.  It may cause a patient to sit or walk abnormally.

Chiropractic Care Can Help Spinal Pain and Ache

Chiropractic care treatment is useful for many patients in treating disc disorders, as well as many other spinal and skeletal or joint problems. This service serves to manually adjust each vertebrae in order to maintain the natural and most efficient space between each vertebral bone and to ensure proper motion at each segment.  This maneuvers the joint so that healing is easier for the body to achieve, reducing pain and inflammation, and improving circulation.  It can be useful for patients who have been injured in car accidents, or through sports injuries.  It can help patients who have not yet had surgery, or those who are post-surgical.  It may help patients who have not found other treatment methods useful, as while it uses elements of physical therapy in order to strengthen the stability of each joint, it corrects alignment problems first.  The improved range of motion and healing potential makes the physical therapy that much more effective.  

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