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Sports Injury FAQ

Common Questions about Sports Injuries in Topeka

If you have recently experienced a sports injury in Topeka, you may be wondering what your treatment options are and how long it will take for you to heal. Our chiropractors at Bolz Chiropractic can answer your questions, examine your injury, and develop a sports injury treatment program.

How do I know if I have a sports injury?

Sports injuries generally occur while you are playing a sport, working out at the gym, or participating in physical activity. There are two types of sports injuries: acute and chronic. Acute sports injuries happen suddenly, which means you will feel pain and see swelling and/or bruising right away. Chronic injuries happen over time, and the pain and inflammation these injuries cause may only occur when you use the injured body part.

What sports injuries does your chiropractor in Topeka treat?

Our chiropractor in Topeka treats many different types of chronic and acute sports injuries, including sprains, strains, frozen shoulder, Achilles tendonitis, runner’s knee, shin splints, and tennis elbow. If you suspect you have a sports injury, it is best to call us and schedule an appointment for a consultation and evaluation.

What are your sports injury treatment options and how many treatments do I need?

Here at Bolz Chiropractic, we offer spinal and extremity joint adjustments, spinal decompression, corrective exercises, and nutritional counseling. These treatment options are designed to restore your joint function, lower inflammation and swelling, help you rebuild lost strength and flexibility, and improve your rate of healing while reducing your symptoms naturally. Our chiropractors create a custom injury treatment program for every patient and will give you an idea of the number of treatments you will need in order to heal from your injury.

How do I schedule an appointment to see if chiropractic sports injury treatment is for me?

To see if you would benefit from chiropractic sports injury treatment, give us a call at 785-272-2090 to schedule your initial consultation. Our chiropractors would be happy to talk with you about your sports injury, treatment goals, and long-term health and wellness goals.


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