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Surgical Pain Reduction- How EVRL can help

Pain after surgery is part of the healing process. There are many tools our chiropractors have at our disposal to help relieve surgical pain and discomfort. One of the tools we use at Bolz Chiropractic to relieve surgical pain is the EVRL laser. The laser is non-invasive and can speed up the healing process. When used correctly, the EVRL laser is one of the most valuable tools for natural pain management and relief.

How the EVRL Laser Works

The EVRL laser works by sending waves of energy into the soft tissues of the body. Our chiropractors specifically direct the laser onto the damaged areas of soft tissue. The laser targets the cells and encourages them to produce their own energy to promote healing. By strengthening the cells of the soft tissues, the body’s natural healing process moves forward quickly and efficiently.

When Is It Used

The EVRL laser can be used when pain and discomfort are taking control of your life. Our chiropractors will often use the laser when a patient experiences pain post-surgery. Although pain is a part of the healing process, we can help prevent it from negatively impacting your life using lasers and other treatment options. EVRL laser treatment is an effective tool and can be used in a variety of situations. Talk to our chiropractors to find out if the EVRL laser is a good option for you.

Contact Us for Laser Treatment from Our Chiropractors in Topeka, KS

Bolz Chiropractic offers patients who are suffering from surgical pain EVRL laser treatment as an effective option. Patients living in or around Topeka can rely on this laser therapy to speed up the healing process and help them get back to their regular, day-to-day routine. Call us at (785) 272-2090 today to talk to our professional staff about out how you can benefit from receiving EVRL laser treatment for your surgical pain.


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