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Auto Accidents

Auto Accident Injury Treatment with our Topeka Chiropractor

Thousands of people are involved in car accidents every day in this country, and many of them are stuck with acute spinal injuries ranging from mild to severe. Taking the "wait and see" approach to a potential injury is generally ill-advised, since failing to seek some sort of care early on may cause a small problem to turn into a chronic issue later. Our Topeka chiropractor staff invites anyone in the area to come to see us if you've been in an auto accident as soon as possible, even if you think you're fine—you never know what kind of issue is brewing.

Common Spinal Injuries Seen in Auto Accidents

The spine is a common area of the body to become damaged in an auto accident—even low-speed ones! The following spinal injuries are among the most frequent we see and treat:

  • Soft tissue sprains and strains (spinal ligaments and muscles, respectively), one type of this is whiplash
  • Disc issues: herniation and bulges, with or without spinal nerve root involvement
  • Shoulder or hip injuries from the force of the seatbelt
  • Headaches that can result from sprains/strains or contact with the airbag

Onsite Digital X-Ray

Often motor vehicle accidents can result in traumatic injuries. We have an onsite digital X-Ray to help quickly assess such injuries and treat or refer them as indicated. Our doctors will take X-Rays and evaluate them often at your initial appointment and exam, allowing a comprehensive look at the extent of your injuries and helping to develop a personalized treatment plan for the best possible outcomes.

How Our Chiropractic Care Can Help You Heal Your Injury

Here at Bolz Chiropractic, our staff understands just how frustrating an auto accident injury can be. When you add on the financial and emotional stresses involved, especially if you are seeking damages, recovery from such injuries can seem like a very long road—no pun intended.

Our chiropractic care services in Topeka are designed to help you heal in the body and ease your mind as you recover from your injury. The following holistic treatments are highly effective for auto injuries of the spine, as they naturally promote decreased inflammation, pain, swelling, scar tissue formation, stiffness, joint misalignment, and nervous system dysfunction:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Interferential Therapy and Ultrasound Therapy
  • Erchonia Low-Level Laser Therapy
  • Nutritional support and advice for quicker healing
  • Postural analysis and re-training, including assigned at-home exercises

Were You Injured in an Auto Accident? Contact Our Topeka Chiropractor

If you've been looking for a Topeka chiropractor following your auto accident, contact Bolz Chiropractic now and don't delay your chance to heal better, faster, and more completely. The sooner you come in to seek care from our team, the less likely you'll be dealing with a long-term problem. New patient times are held open daily.

Call our clinic today to schedule your initial appointment at 785-272-2090.


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