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Are You Suffering from an Ergonomic Injury?

Are You Suffering from an Ergonomic Injury? Advice From Your Chiropractor in Topeka

Without an ergonomic workstation, your risk of on-the-job injury, back pain, and neck pain increases. Rather than wait until you are hurt and need workers compensation, get preventative care, stay healthy, and continue doing the work you enjoy with help from your chiropractor in Topeka.


Symptoms of an Ergonomic Injury Seen By Your Topeka Chiropractor

Far too many people suffer in pain from ergonomic injuries, yet convince themselves that what they feel is normal. Ergonomic injuries are often stress injuries that arise from spending a lot of time in poor posture, awkward poses, excess heat or cold, or forcefully exerting your muscles, and they're frequently seen by our Topeka chiropractor. 

If you spend all day sitting at a desk, you could develop an ergonomic injury and have symptoms of back pain or neck pain. If you work in a warehouse lifting goods all day long, improper lifting could strain your back. Generally, pain in your muscles indicates an ergonomic injury. 

At present, there is a trend toward preventative workers compensation through measures including chiropractic. Employers are recognizing that it is better to create properly designed workstations and keep employees healthy than to be shorthanded while staff are out on disability. 

How Our Topeka Chiropractor Treats & Prevents Ergonomic Injuries

Our chiropractor in Topeka takes a health history and asks many questions about the setup of your workstation. We then train you in development of proper posture, so you can complete your work without straining your system. We will also work with you to redesign your workstation for good ergonomics and injury prevention. 

An ergonomic workstation allows you to keep your arms at 90 degrees while typing and supports your natural posture. Monitors should be close enough to avoid neck and eye strain.

If you already have an ergonomic injury, our Topeka chiropractor can treat it by making targeted adjustments to your spine, soft tissue, and muscle tissue. With our help, you'll be well! 

To stay in good health and avoid an ergonomic injury, seek help from our chiropractor in Topeka. Reserve a consultation with us by emailing or calling the clinic today!


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